Rent your property during the Olympics

25 Jan 2012

Between the 24th of July and the 9th of August the Olympics Games will take place in London. This is the third occasion that the city welcomes the games, where 205 countries will participate and 500 events will be celebrated around all UK.

If you have a free room or apartment in the city, or even if you go on holidays to avoid the hustle and bustle of the event, this could be a great opportunity to take a short break and earn extra cash renting your property. Not sure? Bear in mind that a property in Stratford can reach the weekly amount of £2.000! With Wheretosleep, we give you all the facilities to rent your property with us and not to worry about it.

Just decide how much you want for your accommodation and post the ad with us. Once it is posted, you will start receiving booking requests. You can write to the travellers and choose in which one you are interested. After that, we will take care of the payment and will transfer it into your account 24 hours after the traveller’s arrival. It can’t be easier!

How much money can I ask for the accommodation?

To get an idea, we advise you to check the market price and the price paid during the last Wimbledon Championships. Remember that location and amenities have to be taken in consideration before setting the price.

Are you looking for accommodation in London?

If you are looking for a short rental for the Olympics, you are in the right place. With Wheretosleep, there are private rooms, houses and apartments available to rent in the right locations: Docklands, Stratford… Check it out! You will find what you are looking for!

Private rooms in London

Houses in London

Apartment in London



How to get the most of your photos?

18 Jan 2012

When travellers are searching for a holiday rental, photos are the first details they are looking at. If your pictures look bad, they won’t read your ad and they will check another that is more appealing. It is good to spend some time taking your apartment photos (don’t forget that with no photos, your ad won’t be posted on the site).

To help you with it, we have a list with some important tips to make the most of your photos:

1. Make sure the flat/house is tidy and clean; invest 10 minutes to tidy and take all the unnecessary stuff out of the rooms and common areas (cleaning products, clothes, cables, etc).

2. Take the photos on a sunny day and open the curtains. The rooms need to be light and airy, whether it is with natural light or artificial light.

3. Only photograph rooms that are going to be available for the travellers; including bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and bathroom (no need to show rooms you occupy or you don’t rent).

4. Make sure bed sheets are straight and done up nicely.

5. Take different angles of the rooms on offer, but make sure you get overall shots that amplify the feeling of the room.
6. -Take a picture of the outside of the flat/house to show nice surroundings.

Once you improve your photos, your accommodation will be more appealing for short breaks, and you will maximise its potential!

How to find the perfect private tour guide?

11 Jan 2012

A few years ago everybody used his travel agency just around the corner to organize their next vacation. But people more and more are using the internet to book a hotel or a flight. It’s really easy, fast and cheap to book flights and hotels over the internet. But to hire a private guide over Internet – why not? In the last year there came up a few websites that help connecting travellers with local guides. The idea is simple, the tour guide creates a profile with information about herself and the traveller can find, share and book the guide who is perfect for him.

These websites have advantages over the traditional travel agency:

-          You get to know the private guide before you book; you can speak with him and can discuss details and all this before you go.

-          You decide which guide you want to do a tour with, not the travel agency is assigning you to the tour guide they earn the most commission

-          Did I say commission, yes, when you book through a travel agency they earn commission. Normally they aren’t directly in contact with the guide; more over there is a incoming agency in between who will also gain some money. Normally the tour guide can give you directly a much better price than the travel agency.

-          And it’s a fair trade: The tour guide get’s his money without giving the main part of his earnings to the travel agents. And you as a traveller won’t pay such a high price as you normally do at the travel agency. A win win for both.

So to use a local guiding website for locating private tour guides has its advantages. But how do I know which guide is reliable and trustworthy? Well that’s why I recommend you to use a website where you’ll find detailed information about the tour guide like:

-          a copy of the tour guide licence if he is a professional tour guide

-          Reviews and ratings of previous clients. This ensures that the guide will be highly motivated to do a good service. If he won’t do a good service he will receive a bad user rating and won’t be booked again from other clients

-          There’s also one website where the tour guides can demonstrate their competence by answering travel questions and by writing travel tips to share their insider knowledge. is one of these websites, who connects you directly with local tour guides. There you’ll find private tours by local guides. Each tour contains detailed information on the person providing the tour. So each tour has a face, a real person with an own story behind it: You get to know your personal tour guide and can get directly in contact with her to arrange a customized tour.

Once you have booked your accommodation on WheretoSleep don’t forget to find a local tour guide.

New features on

18 Nov 2011

WhereToSleep, continuously strives to improve its service, listening to your feedback & trying to find solutions to connect more hosts & guests. We have just released some brand new exciting features that we think they will make a great difference for both hosts and guests

1.      Special price feature

Hosts are now able to set a special price based on individual guest requests or for specific date ranges. When a traveller contacts the host via private message requesting dates or a budget, the host now can reply back with a special offer if they wish? Then, the guest can accept or reject it, perfect for late availability bookings.

2.      Added amenities on posting page and detail page

Hosts now can select accommodation amenities with one simple click while they are filling the details about their place adding greater value to their listings.

Guests can now check easily the amenities that an accommodation offers and make more accurate decisions based on their preferences

3. New property types added:

We now offer hosts even more property types to choose from when creating their listing, these now include: Country houses, Chalets and Beach Houses. Giving guests far more accurate & relevant results.

Guests will be able to see these property types and filter their searches depending on their preferences.


We hope all these new features make easier to publish places to stay for hosts and help guests find the best accommodation for their trip!

What do you think about these new features? You can let us know on Twitter and Facebook or on the comments below.

Please, keep the feedback coming!

Congratulations to our October survey winner!

03 Nov 2011

Maxine is from Birmingham

We are pleased to announce that Maxine from the West Midlands is our latest survey competition winner. On hearing the good news she said:

“I was really surprised to hear that I had been chosen as a winner, but also very happy. So far I have been using as a host and would definitely recommend it to friends as it is a fantastic concept.”

“My fiancé and I have got a lot of travelling planned for next year. We are planning on going to New Zealand and Sicily after our honeymoon in Mexico, so the guides will definitely come in useful.”

A set of Lonely Planet Guides are whizzing their way Maxine to help her plan her post honeymoon travels.

WhereToSleep teams up with

23 Aug 2011

We are happy to announce that we have officially launched a partnership with From today, the 4.2 million unique visitors who use will now be able to browse a selection of holiday and short-term rentals all over the world, a brand new offering for the publication.

The holiday rentals section on will allow prospective guests and homeowners alike to search for opportunities to travel and stay with a local host or advertise their own property or spare room.

Radek Dobrolecki, Director of comments: “The demand for private accommodation is rapidly growing as an alternative way of travelling, with many people looking for more affordable short-stays and ways to holiday. This partnership with in the UK offers us a great way to engage with those looking for private accommodation instead of hotels as well as homeowners keen to capitalise on this demand. In the lead up to the Olympics next year, we expect this demand to accelerate and is perfectly placed to help us reach Londoners who are thinking of renting out their property for the event.”

Marie Bardouniotis, Commercial Partnerships Executive of Metro & A&Ny Media comments: “More people than ever before are actively looking for lower cost alternatives to travelling abroad. By partnering with, our audience can now search for rentals and short lets when planning their upcoming holidays. Equally, property owners out there looking to supplement their income have a new resource at their fingertips.” Partnership

New pricing options on Wheretosleep

15 Aug 2011

Over the past few weeks WhereToSleep have been working hard on some brand new site features and I wanted to update you on some of the exciting improvements. You may have noticed a slight slowdown on the site over the past couple of days whilst we implemented these changes, but we’re now back up to full speed again.

Here is a small update on some of the new, exciting features:

Payment pre-authorization: All guests now only pay a £1 deposit at time of booking, only once the booking is confirmed by the host, is the full amount charged. It’s all automated and should mean your card will never again be blocked due to large booking requests. Don’t worry, if your booking is rejected by the host you get your £1 back.

Seasonal Pricing: Hosts can now set variable rates for properties based on seasonality and peak booking periods, this means greater booking control and substantial savings for guests during off-peak seasons.

Seasonal Pricing

Seasonal Pricing

Host single or multiple occupancy prices: Hosts now have the option of offering reduced rates for group bookings, meaning even greater savings for guests travelling in groups.

Multiple occupancy pricing

Multiple occupancy pricing

Customer Service: we’ve now improved our systems to deliver you a faster and safer service.

We’re constantly listening to your feedback in order to improve the experience, and we’ll be making more improvements along the way. These changes should mean you can now book and rent easier, faster and safer.

WhereToSleep in Travolution! Join the travel Revolution!

04 May 2011

Another great article for in Travolution with an interview  from Yannick Pons (WhereToSleep founder). It explains how WhereToSleep is trying to revolutionise the market and what makes us a very competitive player.


Short let Holiday rental

Short let Holiday rental WhereToSleep-Travolution

What they say about

04 May 2011

Here is an interesting article about by describing the ‘space trader’ websites market that offers travellers a great alternative form of accommodation to the traditional hotel.

We obviously absolutely agree on their view! :)


WhereToSleep - Skyscanner - Short let Holiday rental